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This website exists to provide clients and potential clients with information concerning our firm and our unique, low-pressure approach to personal and professional services. We have an excellent client-retention rate, and we are extremely proud of the high-quality services that our firm provides.

Please, feel free to browse our website to see the services we offer as well as the many helpful resources we provide. When you are ready to learn more about what we can do for you, we encourage you to contact us.

Tax Tip of the Week

Be aware! There are benefits to incorporating, principally protection from liability for the corporation’s debts. But insulation from suit for one’s own negligence or other tortuous actions is not one of those benefits. Rather, a corporate principal, whether of a professional corporation or a corporation generally, can always be held liable for his own negligence, even if committed while acting in the scope of his duties for the corporation.


A Sampling of My Fees

  • Hourly rate for consultation, payroll processing, and other accounting work: $65/hr
  • Simple 1040 with up to two W-2’s: $150
  • Complex 1040 with multiple W-2’s, Sch A, investment and/or rental schedules: from $350
  • Sole proprietorship tax return with Sch c: from $400
  • Partnership tax return (LLC, S-Corp): from $600
  • C- Corp tax return: from $750

    “What is the difference between
    IRS Form 1099-NEC and Form 1099-MISC?”

    Beginning with tax year 2020, the 1099-MISC has been redesigned due to the creation of Form 1099-NEC. Beginning with tax year 2020, employers must use Form 1099-NEC to report nonemployee compensation if the following four conditions are met:
    1. You made the payment to someone who is not your employee.
    2. You made the payment for services rendered in the course of your trade or business (including government agencies and nonprofit organizations).
    3. You made the payment to an individual, a partnership, an estate or, in some cases, a corporation.
    4. You made payments to the payee of at least $600 during the year.
    Employers are required to furnish Form 1099-NEC to the payee and file with the IRS by January 31 (February 1 in 2021, since January 31 falls on a Sunday).”